14-16 March 2017

I went to Porto for a few days during my week in Portugal and it’s absolutely breathtaking.

It is a much different feel than Lisbon. Porto is much smaller, the streets are different, the buildings look different. There is even more street art here and of course, tons of port wine.

I didn’t have much of a plan while I was here either. But once again, it turned out perfectly that way.

While I was in Porto I did two port wine tastings at Taylor’s and Graham’s, drank by the river as one does in Porto, consumed the best seafood pasta of my life, perused Livaria Lello, climbed Torre de Clerigos, wandered around the Crystal Palace Gardens, and watched the sunset from the Dom Luis Bridge.

I definitely recommend visiting Porto while you’re in the beautiful country of Portugal. I chose it because it was too cold for the Algarve region, but I’m so glad I did! There isn’t as much to do as in Lisbon because it’s smaller, but it is so charming and cute, you won’t want to leave.

Peep my photos to be doubly convinced.


Port wine tasting at Taylor’s. They have a great view!


Livaria Lello. Not a must-see, but pretty nice.


Torre de Clerigo.


Views from the top of the tower.


One of the many scenic vistas at the Crystal Palace Gardens.


The view from Graham’s patio.


The sunset from the Dom Luis Bridge.


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