Shell Point Beach

31 October 2016

Shell Point is a coastal community located in southeastern Wakulla County. The beach used to be privately owned, but is now operated by Wakulla County Department of Parks and Recreation.

I honestly don’t remember what Google search brought me to find out about this place, but I definitely did not do enough research prior to. Immediately upon arriving I felt out of place, with awkward stares and hellos from the people fishing and walking around.


Since I had already driven out there I decided to make the most of the situation. I plopped myself down on the beach and read quite a few chapters of Harry Potter, while the boatmen stopped by to use the restroom, guys came to fish and couples walked around.

It really is a quaint little community and it was nice to have the little beach area to myself, however this is definitely a place only used by those who live in the neighborhood and those who do use it don’t actually lay out and tan…

Although I will definitely not be back, this spontaneous trip made for a pleasant afternoon and reminder to always do your research ahead of time!



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