Providence Canyon State Park (Take 2)

I had to come back and take in this view one more time before graduation.

Providence Canyon State Park is pretty far from Tallahassee (2.5 hrs), yet most students and residents go at least once during their time here and for good reason. I might be inaccurate because I have never seen the real Grand Canyon, but lots of folks refer to it as the Little Grand Canyon or the Grand Canyon of the South.

The canyons were apparently caused by poor farming practices in the 1800’s, but we are honestly blessed that it happened.

Both times I have visited I have opted for going down into the canyons versus the long trail that takes you in the loop around them. They are so neat. You aren’t supposed to climb on them but….I’d say try at least one.

Don’t let the distance stop you from visiting! Unfortunately, both times I wasn’t able to leave town until mid-morning and still made a great day adventure out of it.




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