Day Pack: Music Festival Edition

With Music Midtown coming up this weekend and Bonnaroo not too far in the past, I wanted to share what I pack for a day at a music festival.

This list should be tweaked depending on the festival (time of year, camping or not, etc.) you are attending, but some items are universal.

The Bag:


Personally, I recommend using a CamelBak or some other backpack that can store your water as well as your essentials. However, not all festivals will let you bring in a backpack. Alternatives include a fanny pack or a cross body purse/bag.

The Essentials:


  1. Water – you need to bring a re-fillable water bottle to stay hydrated through all of the heat and sweat
  2. Cooling towel/Mini fan/Water Spritzer – bring all three or just one, but a way to cool off is something I consider necessary
  3. Wallet – obvious but necessary (make sure to carry cash on you just in case)
  4. Sunscreen – regardless of the season, you can still get burnt standing outside all day (which isn’t fun for anyone)
  5. Hand sanitizer – one word: porta-potties



  1. Hair ties – always good to have on you, especially for summer festivals
  2. Chapstick with SPF – personally I use chapstick like crazy, but even if you don’t it’s a good idea to protect your lips from the sun as well
  3. Body glide – this tiny deodorant looking stick will save you from chaffing, which is truly a blessing
  4. Portable Charger (and phone charger) – depending on how much you use your phone, you may want to bring a small portable charger because sitting around at the charging stations isn’t very exciting
  5. Bug spray – totally depends on the climate and geographic area, but it was definitely needed at Roo
  6. Deodorant – I personally view this as a necessity, but I suppose if it’s cold you might not be sweating very much and therefore not need deodorant handy
  7. Tissues – just a good item to have on hand, especially during allergy season
  8. Feminine products – for you ladies, you just never know
  9. Headlamp (not pictured) – necessary for camping festivals (porta-potties at night!) but not so much for non-camping festivals
  10. Snacks – not all festivals will let you bring food in, but if they do having snacks readily available will make your life easier

This list is by no means exhaustive, but I hope it aids you in your packing. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a pre-made list to refer too. Happy music festival-ing! Enjoy a photo of me trying all tactics to remotely cool down.




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