11-13 August 2016

Boy, did I fall in love with Genova. My family is actually from here, so I was very excited to go. And it definitely did not disappoint.

I started off my journey by walking almost completely uphill to get to my hostel. The hostel staff was very welcoming and the atmosphere was incredibly friendly. The climb ended up being worth it. I arrived before check in, so after I dropped off my luggage I just decided to walk around and explore. I started off at the main square, Piazza de Ferrari. I walked around Chiesa del Gesu, a lovely church, and people watched.


From there, I decided to take the recommendation of the people working at the hostel and visit Spianata – Castelletto. You take an elevator up for one euro to get a view of the whole city. I must say, it might be the best euro I’ve ever spent. The view was spectacular. I sat up there for a while and just stared at the beauty in front of me. Then I decided to check out the main church, Cathedral of San Lorenzo, which was quite beautiful. The harbor area was my next stop. I strolled around, people watched and ate dinner by the water. 10/10 day.


The next morning I was originally planning on exploring again by myself, but my roommates invited me to go to Portofino with them, and trust me, once you Google photos of this place, it wouldn’t take much convincing for you to tag along either. This little town looks like something out of a painting. We mostly just walked around and laid out at the small public beach. I was so content with life.


Some of the folks working at the hostel invited me to go out that evening and I figured why not. We went to this rock n’ roll concert in a park, as well as an outdoor bar in the harbor. It was a lot of fun to go out with people who had been living in Genoa for a while. They know all of the best spots.

Now I am in Firenze with my best friend, Sydney, and her boyfriend, Cristian. I think Genoa will always have a special place in my heart. I will definitely have to come back in the future, it’s too beautiful not to see twice in a lifetime.


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