Rainbow Springs State Park

23 July 2016

Summer means springs in Florida.

I was finally able to get an entire day off to head to a spring farther away! Rainbow Springs is very well-known and after looking up photos I decided it was worthy of my day off.

It is about 3 hours south of Tallahassee, but keep in mind that most of the really nice springs are. You should also note, unlike me, that there are multiple entrances to the park. We first started at the campground entrance and after a bit of struggling, found the swimming entrance (which is different from the tubing entrance just so you know). We decided just to go swimming because of the cost difference, $2 vs. $15. The only downside of this is that the swimming area is pretty small. The gorgeous water makes up for it though. And since I brought a float I was able to swim to the outskirts where luckily, few people were hanging out. My friend walked along some of the trails and said those were nice as well.

Remember to pack a lunch and where lots (emphasis on the s) of sunscreen. Happy spring-ing.


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