Jubilee Blues

28 May 2016

Summer is approaching which means it’s berry season! [I get a little too excited because they are my favorite fruits.]

Over the weekend I did a u-pick for the first time ever at Jubilee Blues, a local orchard about 30 minutes away from the downtown Tallahassee area. The drive was actually super nice [once you exit I-10.] The orchard is off of a long and winding canopy road.

One aspect I didn’t quite take into consideration was how hot it was going to be outside! I recommend wearing a hat and sunscreen when you go. It also doesn’t hurt to bring bug spray along just in case.

The whole experience was a lot of fun, especially since I have never participated in a u-pick before. I got to eat blueberries right off the bush, so cool! Between my friend and I, we picked around 2 lbs of blueberries. I froze mine and plan on making lots of blueberry pancakes and muffins.

Not the worst way to spend a Saturday morning. (:



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