Santa Rosa Beach

7-8 May 2016

Last summer I went to Seaside Beach as a day trip and fell in love, so I decided to head back to kick off this summer’s adventures.

First of all, 30A/Emerald Coast is full of amazing beaches. I highly recommend checking any of them out, as I hope to see many of them this summer. However, Seaside Beach has a charming area around it, making it a popular destination. The area is full of cute food trucks, restaurants, shops and unreal looking houses (as in how could they be so adorable??).

I spent the majority of the day laying on the beach and swimming. I ate lunch at one of the food trucks and had amazing seafood for dinner later on, at Raw & Juicy and Bayou Bill’s Crab Shack.

We ended up staying at a super cute airbnb and just seeing a movie at night! Santa Rosa is a great place for a day or weekend trip. It’s extremely picturesque and family friendly.


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