Blue Springs Park

27 April 2016

Not to be confused with Blue Springs in Orange City, this lovely gem is located in High Springs outside of Gainesville.

This place was pretty damn cool. I think the most unique aspect of the spring is that you don’t really need a float. The majority of the spring is pretty shallow, minus the small area where you can jump off a platform into the water.

When you enter the park, you see the open area of the spring, but it continues pretty far back, eventually connecting with the Sante Fe River. This makes it a great location for kayaking/canoeing. There is also a boardwalk that you can walk along if you are lazy and don’t want to walk in the water all the way back (a.k.a. me).

Other notable things to mention are that the park admission is higher than normal ($10) and that floats,etc. are only rented out on the weekends in the off-season, so bring your own float!

I definitely recommend checking this spring out, it was very beautiful and not crowded at all (granted I did go on a Wednesday in April).



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