New Orleans

8 -10 April 2016

I headed over to NOLA this past weekend to see a concert and a dear old friend. I hadn’t seen the city since I was 6. So, I was essentially seeing the city for the first time.

With only 36 hours to explore, I feel like I accomplished quite a bit. Friday night I drove over. Saturday we walked around the French Quarter, ate beignets, explored the Garden District and saw Mumford & Sons! Sunday I got brunch with my friend then headed back to Tallahassee.

New Orleans is such a lively and colorful town, it was a lot of fun. I’m glad I got to see the ‘typical’ tourist area and the not-so-touristy areas as well. My favorite aspect of the city was all of the live music being played. It really made me excited to be there. I also ate fried cheese grits and I think they changed my life forever.

Anyways, I hope to be back in this city soon, there was a lot I was unable to see with the limited time I had!



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